Curious printing error


This is an experimental articulated hand, and I’m trying a first cut in 0.05" card to check out the ft of the pieces.
There are three instances of curious errors, where a shaped pivot hole has been changed from what appears in the inkscape file.
The easiest one to locate is the extreme right, second piece up from the bottom, should be a mirror image of the piece two to the left. There are two other instances, roughly in the middle of the layout.
My work flow was to draw left side of each digit, then mirror them for the right side.
Each finger is then grouped, the whole drawing then cut in one pass.

I’m simply going to re-cut the odd pieces, but I’d be interested to see what the opinions might be as to the source of this behaviour, so that I can avoid it in the future !


EDIT I’ve added the .svg file but it hasn’t appeared so I’ll add that to a separate post.hand



I hope it is here this time !
Well there’s something there, but I’m having difficulty seeing it.
If you save image as an svg file, it needs to be viewed as an ‘outline image’ in inkscape.

It’s definitely there, but pretty much invisible.

I had to select the whole page to see where it was (directly under your name) and right-click on the highlighted box to open the image in a new tab.

The file looks fine in Chrome and Illustrator. The issue may be related to the mirror operation, though. Maybe you could mirror the part, then copy the malfunctioning element again from the original and rotate it instead of mirroring, then replace the corresponding element in the mirrored copy.

What I’ve just done is to select the left hand sides of the three problem digits, and copied them over to a blank area of the original file.
I then ‘flipped’ them horizontally to give me right handed versions, and changed the stroke colour.
I uploaded the new artwork, and set the original layout to ‘ignore’, an refreshed the bed image.
In doing that, I could see that one of the pieces was correct, but not the other two. It had again produced this odd deformation.
So now I intend to delete the pivot drawings and substitute correct ones from elsewhere in the layout.
Bit of a nuisance getting it in the right place, but there you go.

It looks like it has something to do with grouping. Here’s the bug reduced to a simple test case: the one on the right is the bare shape and renders correctly in the GFUI. The one on the left is in a group and has the arc flipped in the GFUI:


So the easiest way to fix the original file might be to select a messed up piece and turn it into a single path via the Path > Combine menu item.


Hi Dave,
While you were posting, I had come to the same discovery. So I took my new versions, which still showed the error, and converted them to a single path, having un-grouped them first.
The problem disappeared, so it’s a lesson learned, and I now have the task of seeing if the prototype pieces actually fit each other!
When completed, I hope to have a display stand that is fully articulated. I have been trying to hold a fan for a display, but the thumb on the artist’'s wooden model doesn’t have enough degrees of freedom.
But I have Glowfinger. . . . soon a Glowhand as well !


Can’t wait to see the Glowhand!


I too am waiting to see the glowhand!

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other problems, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!