Currently working with support on proofgrade shipping issue

I ordered 10 thick clear acrylic sheets. they came in box with inflatable packing that was completely deflated when it got to me. the sheets had been bound along the width with two pieces of binding tape, but it didn’t seem to keep them from moving enough to prevent the sliding around of sheets doing damage to the masking on seven of the 10 sheets.

it would be hard to tell if they’re scratched without removing masking, and I would want to do the large designs (long run times) without knowing I would have a finished piece without scratches.

I’ve reported it to support, along with pictures, looking forward to hearing from support how we will resolve this. Hopefully they reconsider the use of inflatable packaging…since it was basically worthless in this case.

Hopefully they can send some replacement sheets at the same time I return these. I have to finish a project before next Tuesday. :confused:

Just figured people would be interested in hearing about the issue.


Ugh. That bites. There definitely seems to be some widely varying packing methods used in their shipping! Fingers crossed they get it fixed for you - but with that kind of time crunch, any chance there’s an acrylic seller in your area? The bonus of acrylic is it’s standardized across the industry. You might have to mask it yourself (as sometimes it comes with plastic masking) but all cast acrylic will work with the :glowforge: proofgrade settings (all extruded as well, but that stuff doesn’t turn white when you engrave it and since you talked about a long run times I’m presuming you’re engraving!)


Yeah that’s a bummer, but I bet they fix it for you.

To add to the alternate sources discussion: The other big benefit to looking at other acrylic sources is cost.

Take estreetplastics:

Ten sheets of gf bed sized sheets comes to $104 shipped.

You also get bulk discounts from estreet, it’s even cheaper per piece when you buy ten. Currently the ten pack at the GF shop is $185. You can get 20 sheets shipped from estreet for $188. That adds up!


Nothing new here, they’ve been shipping using these air-filled bags for years. Sometimes some break. I’ve never had material damaged, but I have had the wrong material sent, and they just replaced it and didn’t even ask for the wrong stuff to be sent back.

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Update: I had a good conversation with support. I sent them a set of annotated photos, and offered to send the damaged back (they haven’t asked for that yet, but I’m fine with it if they do).

The responses were timely and apologetic… Hopefully they try to improve the packing method, but if the damage is infrequent, they may just choose to continue with the current process.

They asked for shipping information and yesterday I got a shipping notice.

Hopefully they arrive in better shape, but I give the support staff a 9. They missed a 10 because one of the messages I received in response was a canned message more suitable for someone that had received a damaged glowforge, not proofgrade materials…but w/e.

Just hoping they show up in time for me to get stuff done.

On the proofgrade topic, I go back and forth… I’ve liked the quality and reliability of the proofgrade, and I like supporting the company, so I try to give them business on the materials when I think it matters to the project.


Correction: got an order confirmation, not shipped yet :frowning:

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Yeah I am not the biggest fan of PG in general, but the convenience of prefinished plywood is pretty nice for certain things.

Overall acrylic is acrylic to me, but the rest of it definitely has some advantages on the market in come cases.

Awesome that they got right back to you. I’ve never ordered ten sheets of acrylic at one go, did they need to use a special reinforced box? Seems like it would be heavy.


Came in a box that was oversized but a bit in each dimension. When the inflatable packing popped, the sheets, bound together with two straps long the longer dimension, slide around in the box like a pinball. I imagine that there were small dust or other particulate between the paper layers that created the small tears in the paper.

I have shipping number now and it looks like it gets here by friday which is tight, but should be enough time for me to finish. Hopefully they all show up intact.


This was the worst, the others had one or two tears in different positions on the sheet.

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