Cursor problems

Hi everyone. Can you notice in the uploaded video who my cursor is jumping around while trying to move my shapes? It’s been 2 weeks that I’ve had this issue. It’s giving me grief because I waste time trying align the shapes properly without waste and it’s not moving smoothly like before. :sos: help thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There is a new interface feature that was announced. It is the snap to/arrange tool. There is a new icon near the measurment tool icon. Click the alignment tool icon, and toggle it off if you don’t like the feature.


Yep, what @dklgood said. It’s a great feature but really a pain as well!

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It’s called snapping, which is a standard feature of many art/illustration programs. It’s automatically aligning the shape with nearby shapes for you. You can turn it off permanently using the toggle mentioned above, or hold the control key on your keyboard while dragging to turn it off temporarily.


Ah man!!! Thanks. This was driving me

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