Custom birth date and year plaques

I researched all the facts. Created in Photoshop. Created cut lines in Illustrator. Done on draftwood just because. Varied settings from 60-80% and 70% was about perfect for fine details. Weeding was a pain with draftboard but much easier on maple.



Note on the David one, the power was 60% and it barely made it through the Glowforge QR sticker (you can see the Mickey circle cut off and the Time cover cut off because of it). That sticker has caused me a lot of problems so I have to take it off for any of my engravings to work.

Here it is on maple but the settings were too low. I changed a few images as well.


Hate to do this to you, but it’s Ronald Reagan.


Don’t feel bad, we have a skilled surgeon here who I believe teaches at Harvard, and he had a misspelling in a final proof of expensive acrylic - so you are in good company. :grin:
Where the hell is spell check when you really need it?


Oh no! Thank you. I’m from Canada and didn’t even realize since we didn’t learn much about him.

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I’m sure there are plenty of people in the U.S. who can’t spell his name, even those who learned about him in history class.


There was a Regan in his cabinet iirc, but I think it was a Don.

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Don’t feel bad. If he were alive I doubt seriously if Reagan could spell or pronounce your name correctly the first time.


Love the personalized plaques! What a great gift idea! :grinning: