Custom box for custom pair of meat cleavers

Just completed a huge project. I made this custom engraved box for a pair of meat cleavers I also made. It’s truly a one of a kind set on


Thank you for showing the finished product. Your work is so full of detail.

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Thank you Pauline. I try to out do my self each with each new project. This did take some time and I am super stoked with the way everything turned out. I really appreciate your positive vibes! Have an awesome day🥇

Art for presenting/storing art–wonderful work!

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Thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing this project. It is terrific that you can use the Glowforge to enhance your other tools and skills.

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Thank you very much! It has definitely improved the quality and credibility of my brand.

Just a thought. I might make your company name engrave text-on-a-curve to track the handle curve to add that extra custom look. And that’s a pretty gentle curve so you don’t get the stupid kerning problems of be bending text.

Is that CNC engraved brass?! Or did you mask and chemically etched from the Glowforge like a boss?


Thank you so much for the input. I have definitely explored the curve for future handles. I etched the Buffalo using vinyl cut out and abattery charger with saline solution.


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