Custom Business Card Holder


My take on a business card holder. This was fun! It’s currently on Draftboard :proofgrade: set to light engrave. My chiropractor has heard me talking about this laser lately and I keep telling him I’ll bring something in to show him what it can do. I’ll let him know that if he know’s anybody else that could use something like this, or he’d like it done in maple, let me know and we can talk prices.

Inspired by Grey Lightning’s technique of using reference shapes representing real world things that will be used with the item, I just measured a stack of business cards I had laying around to get the largest measurement in each direction and put a rectangle representing “business cards” in my design and built around that.


Great idea!


Great use of the living hinge.


A doctor admitting he is"Scatterbrains". :sunglasses:


Doctor?! I been doin’ my job wrong this whole time!


Sweet! The living hinge is perfect for a chiropractor.


Badump Dum