Custom Contrivance Carries Keys, Cords, and Kit


I marked some anodized aluminum novelty keychain carabiners.

It worked, and I’m happy about that, seeing as how I was given a whole box of these.

Visual alignment: works… but keystrokes+/numerical entry for rotation (and sizing) are needed here eventually, for when you just need to go one degree clockwise!


Haven’t seen anything on slate yet…what have you been doing? Slacking off? :smile:


Yep, Slack-Off Sunday.
Still got slate, tile, acrylic, veneer, leather, mylar, HDU, canvas, cotton, glass, card stock, paperboard, cardboard and ACM sitting on the shelf waiting to test… not sure how the day managed to fly by so quickly!:yum:


Looks like the perfect thing to put together a jig for. I just realized I’m going to have to dedicate some space to jig storage as I’ve got dice, cards, and several other things that I’m planning repeated, and even batch, runs on.


Yeah, I have had to slightly rotate the material based on the preview, because the increments of rotation weren’t tight enough.
I had mentioned to Dan that ability to ‘nudge’ position with the keyboard arrows that scales with zoom would be fantastic applied to sizing and rotation also. Hopperized I believe.


Dang @ jbv. You are knocking them out. Can tell how fluent you are in design. Thanks for posting and the inspiration.


Yeah I agree, it’s not what I would call a particularly legible font. I like it though, and these are for me.
It has also been pointed out that the B and the R look very similar, and that I should probably finish my website now.