Custom etched drumsticks



Would have liked to have the ability to mark a casing with the young man’s name who was taking my daughter out.
Wouldn’t have to say a word, just show him the round with his name on it. :no_mouth:


Excellent idea !! :grin::heart::heart:


:joy: If you’re sitting in the living room cleaning your gun when he comes over the first time you get to see what his mettle is if he comes over a second.

(DISCLAIMER: tongue in cheek - don’t try this at home…not politically correct…not encouraging irresponsible firearm handling…etc etc.)


i already have 3 Dads loving the idea and have orders!! lmao


My brother got me a blood red machete from the Dominican Republic. If I have a daughter, I’ll probably be sharpening that when she brings a boy home. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pretty funny. We were some guy’s daughter’s boy she brought over at one time :smile:


Um, probably shouldn’t laser a live round though? Would that be a way to put a pass through in a basic?:laughing:


Lol. Would probably void the warranty

My son on law makes his own bullets…I’m having him make some without the powder…so no blowing a hole in the laser casing :grin: no one will ever know they arent live ammo…:smiling_imp:


“This is in honor of the last boy who didn’t bring her home on time.”


You could always laser mark the casing, then load it with powder, bullet etc.


Oh yeah…duh…lol. :star2: gold star for the obvious answer :grin::grin:


bullet maybe but no powder or primer cap - it doesn’t need to be a live round to be effective as a warning round :slight_smile: keep it safe.


Did you use paper mask tape over it to stop burn bleeding.


No paper mask when using Thermark.


Have you tried cermark on brass? I’m wondering if one brand may work better than another.


From what i understand Thermark and Cermark are pretty much the same thing except Cermark dries and can be handled whereas Thermark doesn’t. Both are recommended for brass and have similar results.




I did not make this, as I have no laser, YET…but I had this made last year as part of a marker for my parents grave. It is copper and without really knowing for certain…I am about 99% sure that it was made using Thermark or Cermark. It was also clear coated, and so far has done very well out in the weather for the past year. I realize you are talking about brass, but thought you might like seeing how wonderfully well the marking came out. Once I have my Glowforge, I am planning on making a permanent metal plaque for my parents grave, probably using brass or bronze, and mounting it on some columnar basalt.


@Xabbess, what exactly is “this”?
I think I missed something


Pretty sure the Thermark current formulation dries to touch now too. They used to be competitors but the Thermark folks bought out the Cermark people.

BTW, if you just want black on metal (Ther/Cermark have some non-metal color marking formulations) you can use CRC Dry Moly lubricant. Thermark is about $100/can…CRC is about $10 from Amazon or the auto parts store.