Custom Inkscape, Illustrator, CorelDraw and Affinity Designer Color Palettes for ordering operations in GFUI



It blows mine as well! I think I need to read this EARLIER in the day while the brain is still functioning. I have been cutting some simple things but now we are starting to design some things we want to control the order in which they are cut…looks like I might need this.

I have CS3 and didn’t see a reference to this edition, would one of the other Adobe versions work? I originally had just Photoshop. I tried to install on this desktop but kept getting a ‘internet connection’ error. Googling showed that Adobe had retired the servers; but they had a link to go to that you put your serial number in and it gives you a new number (and deactivates your old). In doing this, I was able to download CS3 and it gave me the WHOLE SUITE!! So now I have Illustrator (CS3) and everything else that was released back then!!! so going to be learning Illustrator (didn’t have to buy Affinity after all to my surprise).

Thank you for any assistance on setting this up in CS3 Illustrator (or pointing me to location with info).


Thank you everyone in this thread.

The information here in regard to creating the color palettes and more importantly, how the GF prioritizes via color, have improved my work flows dramatically.


I used your RGB colors to make a color palette in Illustrator CS2 for me.
Thought I could share it as well :slight_smile: (140.5 KB)


Here is the Trubetskoy pallet for Inkscape… (579 Bytes)


I just want to say as a total noob to the laser world I cannot thank the main thread contributors enough for this. I’ve only had my Glowforge 2 days, but this thread has opened my eyes and mind to all the possibilities the machine can be used for.

I’ve downloaded Inkscape but am still learning my way round it so may look at Illustrator as well, but tonight i’ll be trying out some of these templates.

Thanks again. Stu.


I was unable to get the enclosed .gpl file to open in Inkscape.


You’ll want to place it in the Inkscape palette directory. In Windows the path will be something like this…


You may need to change the windows file options to show hidden files to see the AppData directory.

Once you have the gpl file in the correct directory you’ll be able to select it using the Inkscape palette menu…


I’m on a Mac.


My guess is the process will be similar. You’ll need to find the “palettes” directory on the Mac and drop the file there. Can’t really be more specific as I don’t have a Mac.


On a Mac, open a Terminal window, paste the text “open /Applications/” on the command line and then hit return. A Finder window will open showing all the palette files.
Drag and drop your new one in there. Quit and relaunch Inkscape. Open the palette menu and they should then be available.