Custom knife block


So my wife and I came across some painted kitchen knives that we liked a lot, but didn’t really have a good way to store and/or display them when not in use. So I came up with this:

I used PG Cherry Hardwood, PG acrylic, and PG Cherry Plywood (for the base). Not glue involved anywhere, though I might end up gluing the little acrylic dividers since they sometimes want to come out when a knife is removed.

Here’s a pic showing the engraving detail on the columns (all of the artwork is Creative Commons CC0 from The conchos (the metal bits on the columns) are from Tandy Leather. I had to use an extension post to connect the front of the concho to the back, and the only place I found them was at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section (who knew?):

From the side where you can see the layers of wood and acrylic:

Lastly, here it is performing its duty:

I have to say that putting it together was very satisfying, a bit like putting together Legos. All in all I’m pretty happy with it. :grinning:


Wow! Never seen knives like that…that’s definitely the way to display them! :grinning:


Those are amazing…never seen anything like those before. Great looking holder for them.


Beautiful knives! Beautiful display!


Really beautiful Amazing on several levels. The first is where did you get those beautiful silver bits? Then the knives are fabulous in their design but it screams “hello! I bet you hadn’t thought of doing CERAMIC knives before, with the laser!” And that thought quickly followed by “I wonder if you painted on a glaze that would only fire in where the Laser hit?”

Beyond that the concept itself is stunning even if they were ordinary knives


From Tandy Leather:

I hadn’t considered engraving ceramic knives, but that’s a neat idea!


What a gorgeous display! Really liking the concho detail.


This is a beautiful display. I do not think I would ever use the knives.


I was thinking that that was a really fancy knife holder until I scrolled down to your last picture with the knives inserted. They complement each other very nicely. :grinning:


Good stuff! Clever functional design and really great looking!


You’ve made something amazing. It could have been really simple and boring, but you took it to the next level with all that detail, great work.


So colorful, both the holder and knives! Great way to show these off!


Stunning display. I can tell you paid a lot of attention to detail - the knives and block look they’re meant to be. :slight_smile: