Custom Made Packaging

My wife and I started a small business (one could say an expensive hobby) the end of last year. Funny enough it was about the same time we received our Glowforge. We have a few CNC machines, Glowforge, 3D printer and a few other tools in the garage to make custom gaming controller holders. We use Fusion 360 to configure and machine the holders for our customer then add their name or logo of choice. This year leading up to the largest gaming conference in June (E3) we had somebody order a few holders to unbox and give away to a select few people. We were told this would be an unboxing that would be recorded and posted so we should use good packaging…

We dont have custom packaging other than bubble wrap, tape and a bag. So I jumped into Illustrator and designed some packaging out of cardboard and etched a logo into the inside of the box. Nothing to crazy but it turned out pretty awesome, I must say I almost liked the box more than the controller holder.

I knew when we purchased the Glowforge we would use it for lots of things but I had no idea it would be used to make Christmas decorations, kids valentines cards, friends gifts and now packaging. Pretty cool machine @dan!!! Way to go Glowforge team!


Great job on it! :grinning:


That’s a clever idea. I’m doing a few tiles that will be gifts and was thinking about a box… This would be the ticket! Thanks for posting.


You really nailed it!

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No surprise you’re dreaming up amazing new ways to use your laser in 3D, @garin_gardiner! Love what you’ve done, and thank you for the kind words.

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Great project. Is that a concave etching?