Custom minimalist wallet with crazy red color!


These have been so fun to make!!! The glowforge makes the holes perfect for handstitching



Oooh! I like the red and black! Really pops! :grinning:




I’m sorry, I missed the part about where you got/made that awesome red… :slight_smile: Care to share?


Oooooo, from this distance it looks very much like hand tooling. Nice job!


What a lovely contrast! Nice job!


I have a Tandy Leather store right down the street. Here is a link. Tandy Leather Eco-Flo All-In-One Stain & Finish 4.4 fl. oz. (132 ml) Cherry Red 2605-12


That is really cool. Very professional looking.


That looks really good. Well done.


Is the money clip holder something you added as an extra? or is it something that is included with the design?


It’s a clip sewn to the inside of the wallet.


Nice…how do you deal with the burnt leather smell?


My family are cattle ranchers. I’m use to it😉


How did you make the holes? Meaning, do you use circles for the cuts or dashes?


the holes are .05in circles.