Custom picture frame

Last weekend our sons were at a scouting camp. Of course, we have lots of photos.
They wanted a custom picture frame:

It’s 22.5 cm wide and 16 cm height. Made of 3mm birch triplex and an inlay of transparent acrylic (hard to see on the image).
The top text is cut out of the front panel and painted. The bottom text (their team name) is engraved and not painted.

I also made a stand:

This is my first one. Not very pleased with it yet. The engraving is a bit too large. It’s not very stable and the connection is a bit loose. I had to glue, don’t like gluing :wink:

My sons are at sleep right now. I’ll hear tomorrow if they like it.


They’re gonna love it! I like the stand. :grinning:


Very nice, and the stand is really cool!


Nice is always relative. That you rolled your own is the most important and the heck with perfection. Keep them coming.

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I’m sure they loved it! We learn with each project … just going for it usually teaches the most!

Great outcome for your first one!

I love the stand also!

I showed the picture frame in the Scouting WhatsApp group and two parents order one.
I’m actually making money with the :glowforge: :wink: