Custom Pipe Escutcheon

Nothing much to see here. I just love when I can use my Glowforge for practical purposes. Installed a new vanity in the bathroom and had to cut out the holes for the pipes. But these are old pipes and the valves on them stick out. Honestly I was scared to remove the valves figuring I’d have a plumbing nightmare. So I had to cut some bigger holes. And then I needed to cover them up with something. And here’s what I came up with…


Nice solutions. Post a pic once they’re in place?

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Thanks. Yeah, I put them in yesterday but I found I need to make the pipe holes just a hair smaller. Maybe 0.1" smaller holes and they’d be nice and snug around the pipes. With so much else to do in my life, not sure if I’ll bother to do another run with the smaller holes though. But sure I’ll take a pic! :slight_smile:


Perhaps overkill, and way more than needed, but could also find use in many other applications.


Because of the aluminum core you can squeeze the channel tighter with pliers and it will retain that shape. Handy stuff!

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Great idea! I see you resisted the urge to engrave them with toilet humor. :laughing:


Nice use! Useful purpose … Always a favorite!