Custom Playing Card Box

My brother-in-law asked for drinking game card set for his birthday. I thought I would jazz it up with a custom box. I went over to to use the card box generator.

Made with Proofgrade Medium Cherry Plywood.


Nice! After the cards do their magic, the box will help make sure they get home safely.


I got tired of loosing stuff all over then place and did a similar box for the crazy glue :innocent:


This glue will get you crazy!


That’s great. I’ve been thinking about making a drinking came card set for watching electronic YouTubes or Machining YouTubes. For electronic “buck converter” would be a good drink. If you hold the “magic smoke card” and there is smoke, you are doomed. For machining it’s a chug for “preload”.


Hmmm…My brother (who makes knives) asked for a slide box about 13" long x 2 x 3 for a gift he’s made for someone. Wonder if the generator can do that?

Made this about a year or so ago as the X-acto blade I have didn’t come with a safety closure. Figured I’d put the types of blades it takes along the side. is the box generator I used for basic layout. it’s in Metric but most calculators haver conversions.