Custom Pre Sets for material

Is there or is there a plan in the works for being able to create my own material presets? I use lots of different non proof grade products but it is a pain to keep notes on what settings to use.


Even for :proofgrade: custom presets would be awesome!

One of the most common requests, it’s in “the hopper” for future development. :+1:


Everyone wants it, but we don’t know if we’ll get it. The official policy is to not announce software work in progress.

Someday, it will just show up. Or it won’t. Until the company announces a change in communication policy, that is the unfortunate answer for every software feature inquiry.

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After spending a few days this week reading the GFUI source, I spent a few more working on a chrome extension that allows for custom material management. I currently have a functional extension that allows for custom material management, however, I need to wait until our Glowforge is free so that I can verify the first release build works as expected.


What do you by our Glowforge is free?

The word “free” in his post means “not in use” or available.

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Ah. I’ll be happy to be a tester if you need some.

yeah, i’d be happy to test as well. :wink:

I can help test it out, too!

I’d just be happy with a “how do you determine the presets without catching the laser on fire”? I’m not so good with forums… Is there a For Dummies walkthru? I have material I know the make up of and a new caliper for sizing… but have not fiddled with cutting anything that hasn’t been proofgrade yet. (a little nervous about possibly damaging a very expensive toy)

Go to the Beyond the Manual section in the forum and use the Search for the material you want to cut, along with the word “Settings”.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure we add your feedback to this topic.