Custom settings dont save?

I cant get glowforge to save or change my custom settings , is this now a paid option with premium ?

No…it has nothing to do with premium. Maybe try a different browser?


I am using Chrome , which is the only browser I have ever used with my Glowforge for the last 3 years

What happens when you select the operation to save the setting? Can you share a screenshot?

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For example , If I change current settings or even enter them manually , then click the the Save or even the Save As button it allows me to name the setting and click the save button , but the settings do not save the new setting name does not appear , even old custom settings with new parameters do not save the new settings , my Chrome browser is up to date and I’ve restarted my computer.

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Working fine here. Chrome on Mac. Don’t know what to suggest.

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Try a different browser -what have you got to lose?

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