Custom settings vanishing, then re-appearing

I have a number of custom settings for engraving, cutting and scoring.

Often when I go into a design, many of them are missing. For example, I have 5 engrave settings, but often there will be only one of them displayed. It seems to happen mostly with engrave settings. Specifically, if I spot that, I go to cut and score and all of those settings are there - and they were created at the same time, i.e. I created all my lauan ply settings at the same time a while back, but the engrave settings will vanish.

I can quickly look up the settings I need and enter them manually. I’ve even saved that again, only to have it vanish again next time I go into a design.

Then, perhaps the next day, all my settings are back again (but no duplicates for the one I re-entered).

This has happened multiple times. It doesn’t matter enough for me to open a ticket with support, just wondering if anyone else has seen this.

I had that too until I realized that engrave settings for vector engraves don’t carry over to raster engraves. Makes sense due to different options but still surprises me sometimes. Could that be what is happening to you?


That is exactly it! Thank you!

I just added a vector engrave to a file with a raster - clicking on each element changes between one list of custom settings and the other. The same saved settings can’t be used, you have to recreate them for each.

I can’t begin to understand* why they chose to do it that way. I also don’t understand why settings I recreated and saved seemed to be lost, but I’ll worry about that later.

*Edit - OK, I see they don’t allow any of the dots/pattern/vary choices for vector. Just speed, power, lpi and focus.