Custom Trophies


After having Major Lazer for only a week, I was able to design and produce a few trophies for the seniors on the team I coach as a parting gift for their time on the team. Settings on non proof grade were pretty easy to lockdown thanks to this awesome community.

The face wood was just some salvage we got from a habitat for humanity Re-Store. The Shiny-shines came from Inventables.

I learned something interesting on the engrave/cut for that faceplate. The GF app didn’t like doing this whole thing at once, so I had to break it up into 3 parts for each faceplate and run them as different jobs.

Having a great time figuring out the ins and outs of laser craft :smiley:


Really attractive, I’m sure they will be blown away!


These are fantastic!


Wow, great trophies! Lucky kids! :grinning:


First thought, why only the seniors? That’s insulting, here is a trophy for being too old to play.

Second thought, no it’s a parting gift, wait, there is a mandatory retirement age from the beer league? How insulting.
Tenth thought, it’s high school stupid. I’m the one who should be facing mandatory retirement.


I’m honored by the amount of thoughts that went into this :wink:


Very cool! I really like that you made each one different. Pretty hard to do that without a laser!


Nice looking work!

-from a fellow Major Lazer owner


Love the two different materials … gives them a lot of pop! Their names and numbers are awesome!


You named yours Major Lazer too!? That’s awesome.