Custom Upgrade for LED base

These LED bases from Amazon are good starters. Here is my first pass at something better. The attached template is to make your own to replace the black plastic housing. You can easily remove the internal LED board and battery plate and place them in the housing you make.

LED Base

LED Base


can you post a photo of real world application just so we can get an idea of how you’re using it

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Nice solution, thank you!

I just do not understand this image.

The green is there just to help visualize the project. I’ve noticed it’s hard to see in the interface sometimes. I set it to ignore when I run the project.

I am assuming you are layering the pieces to build a base out of the material you choose?

I apologize for the bad photos. I gave away my last completed one without taking a picture. These are cut and show how it’s used at least.


Correct, I added photos to another question below. So far I’ve done wood layered. Once I get more LED bases from Amazon, I’m considering a middle layer of acrylic to see how that works/looks.

And this goes over the thing from Amazon?

You take the internals out from the one from Amazon. I’ll update with pictures once I get more from Amazon.

If you’re going to make these in quantity, you can get the LED bases from AliExpress for just over $2. For a handful for friends or family, thought, the Amazon 4/$20 is certainly cheap enough.


Very cool! Thanks for the generous share, I can really use this.

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Thanks for the info, will have to check that out.

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