Customer Gallery - post wait time?

How long is the average wait for a customer’s photos to be approved and posted to the gallery? I posted 4 photos about a month ago and they never showed up in the gallery, I hit “view more” until I got to the end, I’ve checked about once per week, I hope they’re not that bad!!

Hmmm I was apparently dumped off the owners registration till the machine gets back . I cannot get to the GFUI or the gallery though I have several pieces there.

Weird. Still says you’re an owner! It’s definitely a wonky system.

I don’t have anything in the gallery, so I can’t help there!

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you can’t get to the GFUI? that’s odd. my machine is at GF for repair and i’m still able to get into the GFUI.

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This is what I get when i go to the GFUI

And you notice the gallery is not there

You just thought you were getting a Glowforge.m back :wink:

I wonder if they aren’t maybe doing a new process where they remove the existing machine from your account so you don’t have unowned machines listed. That would make sense (plus your machine is further along in replacement process than @shop’s)

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Yes but unfortunately I had a job half done when the machine went on strike so I very carefully left it fastened to the crumb tray and set it aside when I shipped everything out. Hoping against experience that I could just pop in the crumb tray and do the job instead of losing another expensive piece of wood.

And you are logged in?

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Even when I was not logged in I was sent to a login screen and then to the GFUI. Now It goes to the screen noted

All of mine are still listed.

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I think I’d post in Problems or send an email—it’s worth some effort to get that fixed before your machine comes back.


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