Customer Service - How Do I Get A Response?!

Hi, I opened a ticket on three days ago… it took about 12 hours for someone to get back and they said they would mail me a part when they send me an invoice. However, I have now sent 6 e-mails to get an invoice so I can get the black cord to replace so I can start cutting (lights turn off when closed and open lid is displayed when it is not)… Does anyone have advice on how to get an invoice and how to get Glowforge customer service/tech team to respond?! HELP! I need to get cutting board orders out for delivery!

Six emails in 3 days seems like it’s more likely to slow things down than speed it up. You have also just opened another ticket and, to be fair, it was the weekend. They’ll get back to you. In the meantime, see if there is a maker space or another laser user in your area who can serve as a back up if your laser goes down.


I’ve been trying to go to a maker space but with four kids at home and a husband that works full time… it is hard to do stuff out of the home. Thank you for your advice. I just need to get an invoice so I can pay it and they can mail me the part. I did not know if there was a work around to get a more timely response.

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I get it! My makerspace is almost closed right now and we’re moving in top of the pandemic.

Posting on here might trigger a better response sometimes, so you’re covered in that regard!

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The delay is simply due to the fact that support doesn’t ship parts. They have to contact the team that does (who doesn’t work weekends), make sure they are in stock, get the shipping quote prepared and sent back to them. It takes a few days.

Even if they have seen your multiple messages, they probably won’t respond until they have something to tell you.

I’m so sorry for the delay, @mccartybunch! I’ve emailed you an invoice along with the next steps, so I’m going to close this topic.