Customer Service Missing?

Has anyone has issues getting in touch with someone? We recently got two new printer heads on the 12th and I replied back to the ticket that I had received and I haven’t gotten any response since the 12th! I started a new ticket as well and still no reply…their response time has never taken this long.

If you email support you usually get an automated reply the same day. Perhaps check your spam folder or try to catch support when the chat is available.

I got the automated reply but I still haven’t heard anything from them.

Do you need instructions for replacing the printer heads? If so, instructions are in support: How to Replace the Printer Head – Glowforge

No I don’t but Thank You! the printer heads ended up not helping with my issue. The printers kept getting stuck on focusing so they sent printer heads to see if that would fix the issue but it did not unfortunately.

The last time I had a ticket that I actually needed a response on (vs. just feedback) it took 11 days for them to respond. This was a couple of years ago, it’s much better now.

So, it’s frustrating, but it could be far worse!

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I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble and that your unit is getting stuck while focusing. I’ve reached out to you on your support ticket that was opened via email, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to help you there.