Customer service problem

On October 2, 2018 I reported to Glowforge that I was getting a lid open error and it looked like the ribbon connection on the back of the unit had flamed out. Jazmine from customer service responded quickly with my case # (93445) and eventually informed me I needed to send the unit back. Since then there has been no communication, no shipping label (as promised,) no response to my emails…

I am not sure where to go next. The glowforge pro will not operate. It was a brand new unit and I am feeling really betrayed by glowforge support.

Just posted this on another thread…

I’ve generally noticed that it takes from a week up to ten days (business days) for folks to receive the RMA notice, but after that ships, the new unit arrives within a couple days, depending on where you are.

And there is no way to speed it up, they are building/testing the replacement machines.

If you do not hear from them within two full weeks, send a reply to the original notification email asking about status. (It’s rare, but sometimes things get lost in the shuffle…two weeks is a reasonable time frame to send a quick inquiry. Pestering them too much actually slows them down though, they have a lot of customers to service.)

Other than that, they tend to notify you when the replacement is ready, and there’s not really a good way to guess that…they don’t actually know until it’s ready at the factory. If they are running a little behind right now, it might be slightly longer. But it should be coming up pretty quick. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m surprised - glowforge tends not to do anything quickly. They WILL however take care of you. You will get a shipping label, you will get a replacement unit. They will take care of you. Just don’t expect it to happen quickly. I know it can be frustrating, but they will take care of you.

I’m terribly sorry for the slow response to your email. I’ve just followed up with your shipping labels and more information.

I’m going to close this thread since we’re working on it there. Thank you for your continued patience. I’m so sorry for the frustrating experience.