Customer service reply

Hey Glowforge! I need you to email me back! We had discussed sending me a new machine and it’s been crickets since confirming this. Your customer service is horrendous. I’ve never experienced a company with such poor support across the board. The fact your machines aren’t serviceable by the person using them just simply sucks. I’m calling you out, do something to make it right and do it quickly. Since I can’t get your attention through email or phone calls after I’ve left two messages maybe you’ll respond here. Come at me with a better deal than the one you were offering at this point.

If I remember correctly, you bought a used, out of warranty machine from someone. I am sure Glowforge is being more than fair with you considering you technically aren’t even a customer of theirs.

Posting here in addition to calling and emailing opens duplicate tickets and slows the whole process down.


Thank you for your opinion. Appreciated.

You already have their attention. The support tickets stay open until they’re resolved. You don’t have to create more tickets to keep things moving.

It’s the busiest fulfillment week of the year for businesses right now, and every single customer contacting them is declaring their needs ultra-urgent. Arranging a replacement machine purchase involves a lot of moving parts across multiple companies that have to coordinate, and all of the people at all of the companies are already running at full capacity.

Glowforge generally won’t email you back just to say “we’re working on it”. They’ll email you when they have next steps ready for you: e.g. a replacement machine has been secured at one of their fulfillment centers, a return authorization has been logged with another warehouse so they’re prepared to receive your return, a shipping label has been quoted and purchased for you to ship it to said warehouse, the invoice for a replacement has been put into their online store so it can be emailed to you, etc. All of those things take time and coordination to prepare.

Some patience is necessary during the holiday season.


Done with this company. Thanks all!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic. I will follow up shortly via email with the next steps.