Customer Service response time is so frustrating!

Over a week ago I had the dreaded safety interlock error message and read EVERY thread on here and searched through all my GF FB groups for some guidance on my issue and tried every fix possible on my own. I finally emailed support and attached pics, that I had seen on the forum that may be helpful to them, but left one out. Once CS asked for that photo, I sent back within minutes. 2 days later I was told that possibly someone could send me a new pin, and I was so hopeful and on Cloud 9, however, the next day I was told that I would need to send it in for repair and I would need to purchase a shipping label. So, 2 days ago I emailed back asking how I could purchase this label and still haven’t heard back from them. My machine is all packed up and ready to go but yet I still haven’t heard back from them regarding the shipping label, which is totally unacceptable! Not sure where the machine will be sent to be repaired, however, based on the location where my proofgrade materials are sent from, I feel like driving to Grapevine, TX (3.5 hours away from me) and delivering will speed things up considerably! I never post on here but was hoping the GF Staff may see this and contact me to speed things up. Meanwhile, people have been trying to order graduation and Mother’s Day items!

Posting here opens a new support ticket, as does sending an email. They go into a queue and are serviced in sequence.

Parts and repairs are handled by a contractor (which includes creating shipping labels) so it is common for that to take some time. Most organizations are not operating at full capacity at the moment. Materials are also sourced from a separate company.

As to your specific issue, if you managed to lose the pin from the interlock connector above the power switch, you can bend a paperclip. It’s an industry-standard low-voltage connector designed to allow a big red emergency “STOP” switch somewhere more convenient to where the machine is accessed. It has the same functionality as opening the lid.


Unfortunately, that’s how it works. Your tickets go into a queue and they work through the queue to get to yours. “Unacceptable” or not, that’s their process. Someone WILL see it and get to you but sometimes it can be a couple of days.

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I didn’t lose the pin, not sure if that’s even the issue but that was the error. I’m thinking that after I sent all the pics they must not think it’s the pin that is causing the issue.

Got it.

I’m so sorry for the delay.

It looks like we’ve replied to your email, so I’m going to close this topic.