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Hello all,
Have any of you every had to deal with customer service?
I have sent in a request for help because my glowforge is not cutting all the way through the proof grade material.
I was asked to send pictures, dates and time. I have done what they asked several times and each time I send a reply I get the exact same reply from them, I mean word for word.
I have not gotten any real help whatsoever.
Maybe someone here can help.
Here are pictures and a couple short videos my glowforge is still relatively new probably has less the 50 hours of run time. For what this thing cost me and the cost of proof grade I should a much better response the the same automated response.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

The side window on the printhead looks suspicious to me. I suggest removing it and seeing if it is scratched or if you can get it cleaner. Maybe there is just a reflection in your photo, but it looks like there is an area of cloudiness.


I will double check but I think that is a reflection of my over head light.

Any idea of a better way to get a response from glowforge?
Like maybe a human?

Glowforge support is not as responsive as we would wish, and the only way to contact them is through their email. As another user, I think the side window could be part of the problem, but the front of the Gift of Good Measure seems out of focus also. The cut lines seem too thick around the circles, and the engraved numbers are not as crisp as they should be. Have you used this machine since last March and this behavior is just now happening or has it always been a problem? Have you double checked that the lens is in properly - cup side up?


I have used it multiple times over the last month or so and it started out cutting just fine. Never used anything but proof grade and it as it was when it came out of the box.
It cuts in some spots and not in others. That gift of good measure still has the paper on it so that might take away from the way it should look…
I am just at a loss with how I keep getting the same response verbatim in the same group of emails.


In the 5th picture down it is in correctly.


Thanks for the suggestions it is in properly and everything as you can see is really clean. It was just a reflection on the side lens.
I have seen machines that are way messy than this and they work fine, lol.
I have done project where I told it to do three passes to cut and it still didn’t go through.

At a loss!!

I have never regretted a purchase as much as this one.

What are your complaints? Someone here may be able to help.


I am sorry that you regret your purchase. Are you seeking assistance or simply making a statement which requires no response?


Hi Wally, welcome to the community!

As beerfaced said, there are a lot of helpful people here, many of us with 5+ years experience with these machines. Help us by explaining what the problem is, and what support has told you.

Sorry you have had a negative experience so far, but I can honestly say I don’t think I have enjoyed any purchase as much as this one.

So can anyone tell me how so get mine cutting all the way through?

I have followed all the step’s multiple times to no avail and not response from customer service?

Well, if you slow the speed a bit or increase the power a bit you can dial in the perfect settings. That said, some materials like locally sourced plywood may never cut through in places due to the filler used inside.
Any time you have a problem give as much info as you can and someone here can probably help you find a solution.

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This unit has probably less the 50 hours and is clean as a whistle! Has only used proofgrade material.
If you go back to the beginning you can see all the pictures and my original post.
This way I don’t have to type it all over again, lol

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