Customer service severely lacking

I purchased a glowforge pro and 5 days later it’s not working. Customer service tried to troubleshoot with me, which was all the things I had already tried from posts I found here on the forum. I get one message every 24 hours. After spending 6k on a machine I feel the customer service is severely lacking in a huge way. I hope this isn’t typical of their service. Disappointed.

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Sorry to hear that but
Agree, very disappointed
Though I only purchased the basic 3 months ago it’s out of commission no response after 24 hours
I tried to purchase parts myself as I have orders but the parts I need are not available

This is a topic that’s been brought up many times before. I personally have waited over a week for a response, more than once, but I’ve also had replies same day. Depending on the time of year, and the level of the problem, the replies will vary, regardless of what anyone here will tell you, that is going to just be the way that it is. The typical response time is anywhere between 1-3 days, but supposed to be within the first 24 hours. Your original problem is being dealt with by an individual who probably has a stack of other issues from other customers that they’re dealing with at the same time as you, so the turnaround varies based on that, too. It’s also been told to me that they sometimes will not respond until they’ve got a solution, which I’ve always found frustrating, not even to say that they’re still working on the problem after several days. Common sense dictates that they are, sure, but you’d think courtesy would be helpful.

Also, if you researched the machine and the forum, especially on this particular topic, you’d find that this company sells hobby grade lasers, not business grade. Means that, while their quality control has strict guidelines and have a customer service team in place, other companies have a better infrastructure for business minded consumers. The amount of money for the machines that GF sells is high, in comparison to the ones that can be found on eBay and Amazon, but not as high as the 15k and 25k machines that are on the market.

Also, with the current world events, things will have a delayed response. Whoever is handling your support ticket has to go through the steps in evaluating your problem, then they have to get confirmation that they can replace the machine, which then leads to placing an order with the factory, which as I mentioned earlier, they will notify you once they’ve gotten the confirmation of the order. There are several people involved in something like this, each having a response time of their own, which adds up and unfortunately falls on you.

This thread will be closed because you’ve already contacted them via email, but I figured I’d share a little of my experiences with the last couple of years being here. I know it feels good to vent out the frustration with like-minded people, believe me, I was one of the people wanting to be done with the company over their response times, but I stuck through it and love the capabilities of my machines. Hopefully you’ll find something that works for you, whether it’s here or somewhere else, life is too short to be waiting for customer service replies on the internet, right?


I’m having the same experience right now—purchased a pro and within 24 hours it stopped working and it’s been 48 hours of slow standard troubleshooting to no avail. I’m definitely considering returning and purchasing an epilog instead.

I’m so sorry for the delay getting back to you.

@crackedginger it looks like we got back to you with the RMA details about half an hour after you posted this thread.

@jhische & @mtngoff thank you for your patience. I’ve got emails out to both of you this evening.

And @raymondking32, thank you for sharing your feedback. I’m going to share this whole thread with the team.