Customer Support Will Not Respond or Answer

I’ve contacted customer support truly 20 times and they haven’t responded for four days.

My glowforge is offline and the button won’t glow to reset the wifi. I’ve tried EVERYTHING including a factory reset but the button won’t even flow for that. I need help- how do I get In contact with a REAL person??

I’ve been number 1 in the help cue every time I call And it then sends me straight to voicemail after 3 minutes :frowning:

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Four days isn’t that long all things considered when it comes to GF support. Email them if you aren’t getting through on the phone. They WILL respond but it may take a few more days. They aren’t known for their speedy responses.


I am sorry for your troubles, but the only way to contact Glowforge is email or phone.


I have tried to contact them for a month with no response. Extremely irritating!


We have yet to receive our glowforge. It technically should have been here today. Customer service is literally non-existent ! You spend thousands of dollars on a machine and there is no way to get help…just…ugh !!!

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I know it is hard to be patient, but there are a lot of things going on in the world with supply chains these days. Your best bet would be to sign up for Fed Ex and UPS delivery notices because Glowforge does not give up to date information on shipments. Their customer service is also slow to respond.

Once you get your machine you will have lots of fun. Everyone in the forum waited for their machine and also spent thousands of dollars. We appreciate your frustration, but can do nothing to help. I suggest you read as much of the forum posts as possible while you wait, and familiarize yourself with the rules. FAQ - Glowforge Owners Forum

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