Customized Print Button "Ear"scutcheon


One of the things I have wanted to do was to create my print button Earscutcheon. I think Vinny would be happy.


This one might win the award for most “out-of-the-box” design yet! :smile::+1:


Haha! Good one!


Ears to your unique design!


Yes. And this could lead to a cool ear design with the Print button standing in for gauge rings!


This is truly a slice of genius!


Ohhhh, that’s awful! :roll_eyes:


too cool!


We’ve got another pun-maker in the house! If this ever gets old, you can just print some earrings to add extra spunk.


I have been called a “Punographer” in the past :stuck_out_tongue: I may just have to add some safety pins and go Punk, Vinny would have been a punk rocker…


One earring. :smile: