I recently purchased my glowforge pro. I live in British Columbia, Canada. Does anyone know how much duties might be? Also, do they call you when it arrives at the border and needs payment?

I don’t personally, but this thread (or the folks in it) may!


I got mine back in 2018 and I can’t remember how much the duty was but it just showed up one day. If I remember correctly I think I received a bill for the duty later.

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I paid around 500$ last November. you can pay online through UPS so it’s all taken care of, otherwise you may just receive a bill later/they might not leave the printer and you may have to pick it up at a centre.

beware: I received 2 duty charges because the shipper separated the 2 boxes for the Glowforge into 2 separate orders… had to fight to get the other charge reimbursed

You had to charges in total of $500? Or 3 charges of $500 each. Where do you live?

2 charges of around 500$ each. I am in Ontario

Mine were close to 1200 but I bought the air filter as well. They usually bill you a few weeks after you have your unit. You may or may not get a call.

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