I need to write to customs the value of the 2 packages, one with the GlowForge Pro and the other one with Accessories. can some one from here on the forum ore staff help me with that ?
And was reading somewhere that the 150dollars of proof grade materials was taken away from the total amount on the Glowfroge, is that so?

Hi William,

I’m having a similar problem right now. Did you solve the Problem with the value of the boxes for your customs office?

@williamendom, thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry for the late response.

The charges for customs/taxes are based on the amount you paid, which appears on the Commercial Invoice included with your Glowforge.

You’re correct. While the $150 of Proofgrade Materials is a gift, your government may charge duties, taxes and VAT on the shipment. To account for that, we have reduced the invoice that ships with your Glowforge by $150, and included an invoice with your Proofgrade materials that reflects their $150 retail value (even though we gave them to you for free with your purchase).