Cut 10 mm acrylic

Hello! is it possible to cut 10 mm clear acrylic? I have the pro.

Hmmm, I think it’s possible, but I seem to recall people had trouble with it melting back together as it cuts, when it’s that thick. Try a forum search using “10 mm acrylic” or “1/2 inch acrylic” and you should be able to find the past discussions on it.


thank you, I will do that

At one time I was trying to cut some half-inch plywood and had a lot of problems. I created a wide engrave and got the thickness down under a quarter of an inch where the cut was and then cut it. was a one-time thing I will not repeat but I got what I needed to do :slightly_smiling_face:

not a bad idea, thanks

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I got 10mm clear acrylic to cut with these settings. Couldnt be happier with the results. edges were clean and not melted.
To get a clean cut through NON-PROOFGRADE 1/2" cast acrylic, these settings worked for me:
-Focus height of 0.433"
-Power at FULL
-Speed of 115
-3 Passes


the main issue you’re going to have is you won’t get a straight cut. both because the angle of the laser cone is going to spread as you cut that deeply and because needing to run multiple passes and the amount of heat will make those sides slump a little bit.


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If a small design needs to be cut would flipping the material before the second set of cuts help. you would need to use clamps or hold-downs to make sure the base doesn’t shift.

it might, to some extent. but you’d have to nail the location. which is hard to do if you didn’t cut it on the GF to flip it to begin with.

and it still wouldn’t fix the “slumping” issue you get with the amount of heat you need to push through at slow speeds with a 40-45w laser cutter.

my company build’s architectural models on 2-3x more powerful lasers and it’s still a bit of a challenge to get really clean, stackable cuts out of 1/2" sheets.


Good luck getting the material in the exact place to ensure the second cut is coorect

I have cut up to 1" and I don’t recommend it. It takes multiple passes and the results were horrendous. 1/2" is possible but the results are still less than stellar. Thick acrylic is too expensive to play with much. See if you can source some scrap to practice/test on, you can usually get small pieces affordably. My local plastics supplier actually gives me very nice pieces that are too small for them to use or sell but are perfect for my engraving needs. Be careful though if you do, acrylic got so scarce last year that many turned to polycarbonate (Lexan) for their needs. Therefore there is an abundance of that scrap and it is not laser friendly.

This is 3/4" and I finally gave up and cut it on a saw. I didn’t finish/polish the edges because this was just for my wife’s home office. Although I have never tried it on anything this thick, I have used a torch to melt/polish thinner stock.

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This is the result with the settings, 10mm acrylic. Its the Big Island of Hawaii.


Now I want to make a chonk clear acrylic states puzzle, thanks for showing off the quality of your cut settings!

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