Cut Depth?

Hello! I have a question about the thickness of material that you can cut with the Glowforge. What’s the thickest material you can cut with the GF? Say I want to cut some 1/2 inch walnut. Could I do one 1/4inch pass on one side and then flip the material over to finish the cut through on the other side?

Yes, thats how they have advised cutting depths over 1/4". There are a couple of articles on the forums discussing this.

From what I’ve read, they claim that will be possible. However, I’ve not seen a demonstration of this yet. It will be fantastic since 1/2" is a common material that I would love to be able to make precision cuts on.

I have heard that it may also be possible to cut 1" thick material by making two 1/4" cut passes on each side. Though I don’t know if this has been tested yet.

That would take a long long time and the kerf etc. may be too noticeable for most applications (smoke/heat damage may be more obvious too).