Cut is larger than preview

These two settings aren’t quite the same, @au.eric@Jules is correct that entering accurate thicknesses for “unknown” materials is critical to maximizing placement accuracy. The focus adjustments for each operation will change the laser output, but are not used for placement/preview.


FWIW, those cuts look a little overpowered. Don’t know if the size of the kerf is affecting the visual.

especially so at the extreme edges of the bed.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue and what you’ve done to troubleshoot.

Like @Tom_A said, we’re still improving our layout and alignment, so your print may appear offset from where you put it by up to a quarter inch. For the most accurate alignment results:

  • Use Proofgrade materials
  • Enter the thickness of the material if it’s not Proofgrade
  • Use material that is not warped or tilted
  • Place your design near the center of the bed
  • Reboot the machine if you see the alignment drifting

Happy printing!

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