Cut layer not lining up

I just setup my Aura, did a test run and after some alignment kinks were worked out, everything is working as it should. I grabbed a design from the catalogue and setup the piece of proofgrade ply that came with my Aura. I aligned the design on the sheet with the program and let it run through its precheck. The far right of the design isnt printing and now that it is on the cut layer it is not lining up with the design. It looks perfect in the software but in the machine it is 1/8 or 1/16 off from where it should be, ruining the wood. Anyone know why the cut layer would be off in the machine but not in the design software?

to add more info. It was a very small design so I put multiple on the piece of stock. only one is scoring and cutting as the design shows, the rest of them are off in some way or another

Welcome to the community. Perhaps they are out of bounds? You will notice that the lines change color when they’re out of the printable area.


Welcome to the forum.

Can you share a screenshot showing the placement of the design and the actual print?



the bottom two (closest to the front of the forge) seem to be printing fine, everything is else is shifted

I have a :glowforge: rather than an :aura: but I believe they both use a fisheye lens. Do you have the option to Set Focus under the 3 dot menu in the GFUI? If yes, that’s how you line up things when you’re using the whole bed. Set focus on the farthest right, move your pieces into place. Then set focus on the farthest left and move those pieces (do NOT re-move the ones on the right even if they look wrong now.) If you’ve got pieces everywhere, do top and bottom as well. That should get everything placed so it won’t be off the edge when you’re done.


I’ll give that a shot, thank you

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