Cut line not straight in corner

While testing out the cutting area limits, I got a non-straight line in the corner (see photo).

I created a rectangle (directly in the Glowforge UI), sized it as close to the edges I could get without the UI complaining I was out of bounds. It ran from approximately 0.05" to 19.45" on the horizontal ruler, and 0.05" to 10.95" on the vertical. The scoring was set to speed 300, power 20, 1 pass.

Is there something I should know to avoid this?

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Side belt tension.

It’s covered in the support pages, link above.


Since it’s only in that one place, I would be looking for a piece of debris on one of your rails or belts that made it bump, before messing with changing the tension. Possibly also a wheel that just started to crack.


Hello @Purplie,

I am so sorry your print result has a bump in the print. I can definitely assist in resolving this with you.

As @geek2nurse mentioned there may be a piece of debris or damage to your pulley that is causing the Laser to create a pattern like this.

I’d like to see if we can get a photo of your right side belt and pulley as well as the print bed. Once we have these photos we will be able to provide the best next steps. Thank you so much.

Thanks for all the replies! Here are the photos…

Hi @Purplie. Thank you for sending those photos of the side belts of your Glowforge to help troubleshoot the unexpected print results. I was able to review the photos and didn’t notice anything of concern, but wanted to follow up to see if you had a chance to take photos of the following parts @Faryar mentioned. This can help us rule those out as any potential cause and decide any next best steps.

1.The belt under your laser arm with the head pushed to the left:

  1. The pulley under the laser arm on the right side from the front:

  2. The right side pulley under the laser arm from underneath:

Also, to help us troubleshoot this, can I have you please perform the following test print.

  • Print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material, using Proofgrade settings.

  • When the print finishes, leave the lid closed and wait until the fans stop and the picture updates.

Check the completed print:

  • If the Gift of Good Measure fails to cut through, take a photo of the front and back of the print and attach it to a response.

I’ll be able to review the results of the prints and other parts to help get this sorted out so you can print without trouble. Thanks!

Hi @Brandon.B,
The “Gift of good measure” came out fine, as did some other prints that weren’t in the extreme corner. I did a second test of the extreme corner and got a better (but still visibly not straight) result (see photo). The other photos you requested are below.

Hi @Purplie

Thank you for running that test print of the Gift of Good measure and for your patience while we looked into the results. I was able to view the printer logs, and it looks like your printer is working within specifications.

It appears the behavior you are noticing is occurring when the design is placed on the far right of your Material, just inside of the printable area. Your Glowforge needs room to adjust to the speed settings you’ve applied (or the default settings) to position itself correctly. "

You should be able to resolve this behavior by moving the design slightly to the left to create additional space for the Printer Head to start at the correct speed.

Please let us know if this helps!

Thank you kindly,

Well, the overshoot occurs in the front right corner, when the line is being drawn from the back right corner to the front right corner. So the printer was already up to speed before it got to the trouble spot…

But, I think I’ve figured it out. In the corner, the print head is banging up against the right-hand magnetic latch of the front door, causing the print head to wobble visibly. Hence the white smudge visible on the print head (see photos).

Does this mean I need to do some recalibration?

BTW, I notice that the magnetic mount of the print head doesn’t prevent a slight wobbling forward and backward, in response to a very gentle pressure from a finger. Is this normal? It seems to be stable during printing (except when it bangs into something). Maybe this is by design, to avoid damage in cases such as this?

It looks like your crumb tray may not be installed correctly.

There are four divots that the feet of the crumb tray should settle into. Once you’ve ensured that the crumb tray is inserted correctly, If you could please try another print and see if it hits the front right again.

As for the printer head moving that looks to be within specs.

Hi @David.W, @Raymond.V,

I verified there is no debris in the divots, and the crumb tray is properly settled. Cleaned the white smudge. Ran the print again, and took a video; you can see the print head getting slightly kicked back when it hits the door latch. As before, it left another white smudge.

Hi @Purplie. Thank you for getting back to us with photos and video to help us better see the issue of your Printer head as it tries to print in that area of the printer bed.

I went ahead and sent you a separate email with next troubleshooting steps to help resolve this. Can you please check your inbox and either respond to my email, or post a response on here, to confirm that it has been received? Once confirmed, I will go ahead and close this thread to continue working with you on this through email. Much appreciated!

Hi @Purplie. I wanted to let you know I received your response and will be following up with you through there shortly. I’ll go ahead and close this thread since we have confirmed the email has been received. Thank you!