Cut lines seem to vary in width

What do you think?

  • Is it the artwork?
  • The laser?
  • Or the material?

I think something with the material. It is the Eucalyptus White Hardboard from Home Depot.

I think maybe the coating is seperating from the material or maybe the material is lifting slightly as it is cut out and changes the focus. But I don’t think that is it, because I saw similar thing happen on a parallel line cut.

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Looks like double lines in your art work from here. Easy way to tell is watching it. If it double cuts anywhere it’s the art work.


To me it looks like the machine is not controlling power or focus correctly, reminds me of an issue geek2nurse had with their machine.


Here is an export of the file.

Nested Bowl

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I don’t see anything wrong with the file.


I have been experiencing this too. I thought it was just a difference between my old machine and the new.

It has not affected what I am producing yet, but I did notice the differences from the start of a cut matching the end.


polyline version from outside to inside

Nested Bowl_v1


Yours looks perfect. What’s the difference? Is a polyline different from a vector line?


your drawing are a lots of lines with attached with nodes… polyline is one line.
you can see the differents when you select it. i like poly lines better because its always finish a line first before it starts a new line


So did you have the same issue with the original version?

I do not remember seeing these differences before.

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I may need to print both on the same material at the same time to rule out the file or material.

Even so, the path is still a single line. So glowforge might have an issue with how they are handling svgs.