Cut not going all the way through on proof grade

I was cutting on some cherry hardwood proof grade. The cuts didn’t go all the way through. In things that are not helpful, most of the related topics have support saying “we closed this because you emailed us”. If the solution had been posted here, then I might not have to even open a topic.

It seems that ones on the far end of the machine from opening went all the way through and the ones closer to the bottom did not.

Suggestions? I would be fine with moving things to manual and changing the amount of power - but ideally I would like some way to adjust the power overall.

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I would have a similar issue where part of the bed was more effective than the rest, turned out that the bed wasn’t level by a fraction of an inch and fixing that fixed my issue. I measured each corner of the tray using the depth gauge on my micrometer and after shimming the machine, I was able to get things right where I wanted them.

Eventually I have now just resorted to custom saved settings which are identical to the proofgrade settings, but turned the speed down by 15, but my machines are also several years old and have seen plenty of use, so it may not be necessary on your machine yet, but would be a solution so long as kerf isn’t a concern.


I have one of the pretty early Glowforge’s so that may also be the problem. I think custom saved settings may be the way to go.



My machine will be 5yrs old soon. The tube had a 2yr life expectancy and I knew that going in, so I’m not too sad that I’m having to adjust settings to get it to cut cleanly.


Send an email to Support along with photos of the failed cut and the approximate time of the cut. They’ll replace the PG for you if you used PG default settings.

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