Cut not strong enough

I have ruined a few proofgrade draft boards because the OoB settings aren’t cutting through. Are there any updated settings. Should I just skip using the auto settings all together?

You can slow down the cut or increase the power if that’s an option, but the tube is only rated for 2 years, so yours might be on the way out. Mine is.


Yeah, it’s at full power. Is it a time or use rating? I have used mine pretty sparingly over the past two years.

Time. The tubes expire even if on the shelf. I’ve never seen evidence it was influenced by usage.

I’m coming up on 5 years, and many early adopters are too. I have no issue with it, other than they would not likely replace mine because I removed my exhaust fan and cut out the grate when the fan failed 3 years ago.

I would rather take my chances with a tube replacement plan which they originally stated would be offered, but have never.


When was the last time you cleaned the optics?

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