Cut order and groups in illustrator

I’m using Illustrator: Let’s say I have two letter O’s side by side but not touching each other. I color the path on the inside of both O’s so they will cut first and the outside another color so they will cut second. No problem except when the two O’s are in the ui they can be individually moved. How can I make them as one unit so I don’t accidentally move a part of the letter but still keep the cut order?

Make them one path.

How specifically do I do that? Seems like everything I try eliminates the cut order.


In Illustrator, if you make your shapes into a single compound path that will keep them grouped in the GFUI <-- Nevermind. That made the shapes the same color. It does move them as a group, but didn’t allow me to specify innies before outies.

The other option is the draw another shape around them, make it a different color, then ignore it when time to cut.


Make the inside cuts one path and the outside cuts one path. Total of two paths.

No wrapping them in another superfluous shape that way.

That being said the wrapper shape system does work, I just make everything one path if their relative alignment is important.

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CTRL-A will group them into 1 unit that you can move.

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