Cut Order - Automate Inside to Outside

Not really a problem but more of a feature upgrade. When we cut things like keychain the machine cuts the outline then the hole. When the item shifts when it drops the hole and slot is not in the right place. Will this get updated anytime soon? It saves time and effort as really don’t want to so another layer colour in creating the SVG

I purchased new cutting software specially for my vinyl cutter for this very reason. Surprised the GFUI doesn’t automatically order the cuts inside to out


Been discussed before, you have to somehow use the colours of the cuts to specify cut sequence. As I don’t have mine yet I can’t really be much help. I’d suggest doing a search for cutting sequence.

You can also change the order of operations in the GFUI by dragging them above or below each other.


Cindy has a point. My software at works indentifies interior cuts from exterior cuts and defaults to cut holes first in order to maintain sheet integrity. A lot easier than having to change colors.
I see it as a nice feature not a must


Yes and pretty easy to implement. I have done a similar thing myself when I wrote my 3D printing software.

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It depends on the file. I have had it identify and order internal cuts first in some files. I haven’t found a trigger for it that is perfectly reliable, but it seems like it may have something to do with the color. Pink and orange layers tend to be assigned before red layers in my experience. I am using SolidWorks. I agree though that it would be nice if it was consistent behavior.

The order of coloured items is in increasing RGB value of the colour. Pink and orange are both red plus other colours so they will come after red as their numerical value is bigger.


This is how I do it. The point is we shouldn’t have to as cutting from the inside out maintains in the exact intention of where the cut belongs

This keychain, the cutter cut the outside and it shift when the piece dropped from the sheet then then cut the hole. I have to sequece a seperate step just for the hole then the outside. Not a big deal on a keychain but say a lace intricate design on paper. The air assist would shift the paper. Rather not separate the inside cuts out to the edge. Alot of sequencing


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed it on to the rest of the team.

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