Cut Out outside shape

Could someone help me figure out how to cut out my design? I’ve tried creating it in illustrator, and in photoshop. when I try to create it, it uploads as engrave only. I’d like to add a layer to cut it out? what am i missing? Final Award_stroke.pdf (4.4 MB)


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The quick answer would be to use the outline tool in the interface.

I just tried your file, and I am getting the clip mask error. Glowforge doesn’t process clip masks.

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I’m trying to figure out the difference between ‘masks’ and ‘fills’!
Thank you for your help! This is only my second attempt on the machine.

A mask is an effect, like looking at a wall through a window. A fill is the color of a thing, like the paint on the wall.

Avoid masks for GF projects, it doesn’t process them.

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So I’m guessing you wanted this red line to be a cut line - this is a zoom of your .pdf, and because you can see the bumps it’s clearly a raster (a picture).


I’ve opened this up in PaintNet (you’d use Photoshop) and deleted the red, then copied it to Inkscape (you’d use Illustrator) and done a trace on the image - which gets you a vector (math). The :glowforge: will only cut with a vector line. I deleted everything that wasn’t the outline cut and saved them both together (and zipped because the forum deletes rasters from uploaded .svgs)

Final (397.9 KB)

Note, when you zoom in on a vector it never gets bumpy:


Exactly the directions I needed!!! Thank you for explaining it so well! Makes sense now!


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