Cut with focus half way through

Does else cut with the focus set at half the depth of the material instead of set to the surface? I tend to get more vertical sides when cutting this way, otherwise I get a bit of a lean because of the focus spreading as it gets to the bottom of the material. It’s noticeable on small parts like where tenon/tabs fit through the mortises.

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Did you mean to open a support ticket? If you’re just asking the community, it’s better to post in Everything Else rather than Problems and Support; this section is for issues that need Glowforge Staff attention.

The tradeoff with focusing the way you describe is a wider visible cut on the surface. You can actually make good use of the angled cut by flipping pieces to fit the angles together for a tighter fit – take a look at some of @evansd2’s inlay work for examples. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t mean to open a ticket, more of an open question out of curiosity. Thanks for link, for the 3d mechanical puzzled that I make, I need neutral angled edges so for those I will continue focusing halfway through :O)

I like using the off-focus to get wider lines. It definitely has its uses :slight_smile:

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Yes, I do much of the time, mostly with non-Proofgrade materials, and especially with anything thicker than “Medium” (1/8"). Gives much nicer results, overall narrower kerf and straighter sides.


For truly neutral edges, nothing’s going to beat CNC. The laser will always have a bit of an angled profile. That being said, if you’re getting good enough results with half focus height, have at it. :slight_smile:

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