Cut with GF, to make a mold

Hello guys, here’s something I’m experimenting with. I cut most of this with the GF. 3D printed other parts and made molds of another box for kids toys. Couple of lessons learned but worked well.


Can you tell us a little more about your process and materials?


Wow, that is very cool! I guess you need to make multiples of this thing–are you going into business? Good luck!


I used the Proof Grade draft board for the initial box. I made molds from those parts after I assembled them with the 3D parts. I made the molds with polytec liquid rubber. I then used Smooth On 300 for the cast. I still need to clean up the pieces and final assembly.


Very cool blending of techniques and materials! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love to see what could be done as a 3D engrave though you also have a 3D printer. What material is the toybox made of?

Lots of interesting things going on with this project.

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So many disciplines in the project. Don’t want to hijack the thread, but what 3d printer do you use?

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Form labs Form2


Wow … this is very cool!