Cuts are crazy!

Needing some help! I received a air assist error saying my fan wasn’t spinning as fast as it should. I followed the suggested steps with no luck.
I YouTubed how to clean air assist fan, cleaned it, no luck. I recalibrated, no luck. I tried cleaning lenses and pushing carriage back to top left, it started cutting perfect again and then suddenly goes wonky. It’s also not cutting in the area I’ve actually placed it. It’s banging up against the side rails as well. I’ve made sure the belts are clean and tight! Any other suggestions? I could really use the help!
Just got it on the 4th of this month.

Last time I saw wonky cuts/scores like that, it was because someone put their carriage plate back on incorrectly after cleaning the air assist fan. They had the belt inside out or twisted or something. It should be between the two sets of wheels with the teeth facing inward.

This will help you get your carriage plate back on correctly:

I’ve checked it about 6 times, it’s on there right. Teeth in, no twists, the printer head is gliding smooth. It’s weird because it starts like it’s going to cut perfect and then goes crazy.
I going to give it another recalibration.

Thank you! I’m positive it’s on there correctly. It glides smooth and easy with no force. I think the belt may have been loose the first time because I was getting the whole project just with really shaky lines. Now it can’t even complete the project without doing this crazy thing.

Can you load those videos to YouTube or Vimeo and then link them here? The community software is bad with videos and I can’t see them - it might help :slight_smile:

If you’re using Chrome, right click on the video, click “open audio in new tab”, and it’ll download the .mov file. If you’re using Firefox, right click and choose “save audio as”. Chances are you can watch that file locally. Both Windows and MacOS should play .mov files"out of the box" AFAIK. If not, here’s a screencap so you can see @kendaleiland’s issue:

So I fixed it. Just a matter of repositioning the belt that goes in the back.


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!