Cuts constrained to engraving boundaries

The GFUI has started constraining my cuts within the engraving boundaries even when everything in the object I’m placing is an unfilled vector and marked as a “cut” operation.

(Sorry for the dark screen. Wanted to get my report in, and don’t feel like trekking downstairs to wake up Ignatius.)


Just FYI, you can click refresh bed image and it will wake up the Glowforge and turn the lights on.

As for constraining to engrave boundaries, those look like max cut dimensions to me? A hair shy of 11 and about 19.5"? Are you trying to question my sanity?? :slight_smile:


looks like you may have scrolled the workspace over a bit? Top left corner should be 0,0 on the rulers, not 4.75,5.25

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That’s right, @jbv - thanks for pointing that out! @geek2nurse, could you please make sure that the Workspace is oriented to show the whole bed starting from 0,0 on the rulers in the top left corner?

After doing so, could you please let me know if the printable area changes when choosing “Engrave” instead of “Cut”? If it does, it would help to see screenshots of both the “Cut” area and the “Engrave” area so I can understand the difference (or lack thereof) you’re seeing.

Ahhh, you’re right. I’m not used to having the gray boundaries pop up except for engraves, didn’t even look at the rulers!

Yeah, I scrolled over to show the gray “engrave” boundaries popping up.

Sorry for wasting your time, @vee! I don’t remember having the gray boundaries come up for cuts before, is that a new thing, or am I just that unobservant? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Um, it’s not new. :wink: The boundary is different betwixt cut/score & engrave and appears if any operation (cut, score, engrave) in the current job is outside their respective boundary.

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No worries! The gray boundaries should show up regardless of the type of print you’re preparing - cut, score, or engrave. Because these boundaries are typically larger for engraves in order to allow space for the head to slow down, you may notice them more easily. I’m just glad to know everything’s working as expected!

I’ll go ahead and close this thread, but if you run into any other trouble please open a new topic.