Cuts in thick acrylic not smooth, but used to be

Recently cuts I am making on thick acrylic are rough. but they used to be smooth. The piece on the left was done a few months ago, the one on the right was done today. The cut is much rougher. Both used proofgrade setting for thick acrylic.


Are those both Proofgrade acrylic? If not, could one be cast and the other extruded acrylic?

The rougher one is proof grade the other was not.

Have you cleaned your optics?

Do you have any more of the plastic you used a few months ago? Cutting it again (or cutting the smooth sample you are holding) might show that is it simply a difference in material being the cause.


It does seem like it is the material. Unfortunately the proofgrade acrylic had the roughest edge. I am guessing the smoothest edge is extruded. I will have to find some more of that and see.

Thank you for the feedback on the Proofgrade Thick Clear Acrylic. I’ve shared the request for extruded acrylic with the right team.

It’s very common for materials to perform inconsistently in a laser. However, Proofgrade materials should print consistently every time. Should you find an inconsistency when printing on them, please let us know right away.