Cuts not going through since software update

Has anyone had any issue with cuts not going through since the software update? I have not had a single cut go through. I have some flare ups as well. I deep cleaned everything and even had soot on my lens that I was able to clean. I have gone through the cleaning steps multiple times and have ensured everything is clean. I have ordered a new lens but am out of service for a few days unless a customer wants something engraved or scored.

Drop the speed 10-20 points and try again… Or run multiple passes.

I have done that. currently ran a 110 speed. tons of charring and big flare ups but not even close to cutting through 1/8" baltic birch.

Well that certainly seems slow enough if it’s at full power. I think I run mine at 145 for 3/10th inch home depot birch ply. Flare ups could be the wood or glue it uses itself so I wouldn’t hold much stock in that. But that should definitely cut at that speed.

This isn’t Proofgrade, so GF support won’t be able to help you with those settings. Unless you have cut exactly the same piece of wood with these settings in the past, this behavior doesn’t indicate a problem with the laser, but with the wood itself.

If you want to eliminate the laser, cut the Gift of Good Measure in Medium Draftboard. If that completes successfully, the problem is your wood and you will either need to get a different piece of wood or find new settings for that specific piece or supplier.

If the Gift of Good Measure doesn’t cut, please post the results so that either another owner or Support can get back to you with the next steps. The troubleshooting steps are all the same for this issue, so you may find that some searching for like problems on this forum will give you the troubleshooting steps pretty quickly.


Also something I thought I’d never do after 2 years: after I had cutting and etching depth issues, when cleaning the lens again, I realized I had put the lens lens back in upside down! Worth double checking–everything was fine again once it was back in the right way!

Otherwise, I’ve not had any issue cutting before/after the S/W update that were not due to setting adjustments needed for non-PG materials/thicknesses.

In order for Glowforge support to address this issue, I suggest that you run the Gift of Good Measure on medium proofgrade draftboard that is absolutely pinned flat to the honeycomb tray. Place the design near the center of the bed, use the set focus tool and proofgrade settings. Support will want to know the time and date of the print and will need to see photos of the areas not performing perfectly.

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with cut through. I see you have also emailed us about this and I’ve already followed up there, so I’m going to close this thread.