Cuts not square x axis belt issues

Cleaning the other day and I could not get the belt back on, so I tried the whole loosen the wheel thing big mistake. Now when I try tk cut a 1" square it is not square the y axis cut is .99 and the x axis is 1.03/1.02. I readjusted the tension and got it to 1 but the belt had a bunch of slack and the laser head, when returning to the start position, rubbed in the back corner.

I even tried a new belt and same. What am I doing wrong? How do I get it correct without the belt continuing to move once it is back in the start position? Do I need to trim the belt? Or what is the magic formula to have no slack but a square cut?

I have been chasing this issues for 2 days. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Once I get the tension correct I am not touching that wheel again.

Where did you get the new belt, and how sure are you that it is the correct length?

Can you share a photo showing the belt tension?

All the belts i have are from gf. I got 2 extras last year and never had to use them. When i was chasing tension with the new one I switched back to the original and still seem to not be able to get a square cut. I will try to send a photo in a bit.

Just made a cut 1" square measure 1.0" on x axis .99" y axis. Here is what the belt looks like. This is as close to .99x.99 as I have gotten. If I tighten the belt the measurements go to 1.02 or 1.03 x .99

Underneath looking up, obviously the belt is too loose but does this mean I need to trim the belt?

You will want to wait until Support request additional information. In the past, they have asked for close up photos of the carriage plate belt wheels on both sides to see if they are in the proper place for correct belt tension.

Ok thanks.

Is this an optical illusion or are the teeth on the outside of this belt? If they are on the outside, the belt is on backward. The teeth should always face inward.


No the belt is just loose and is hanging. The belt is on correctly. I have adjusted tension but then the square I cut is not square. When i loosen the tension to get it closer to cutting square it hangs like this.

Janice White-Cross

Here I traded out the belt for a brand new belt from gf. I tightened the tension the square cuts .99 x 1.03

Looks to me like the belt is riding high on the pulley wheel. Shouldn’t it be centered between the ridges?

I hadn’t noticed that. I will check that again, thanks

Adjusted the belt again it seems to move up and down. I did pull it to the right a bit more to get the belt more parallel. Did find that the drive wheel had gunk in the teeth and needed to be picked clean. Once I got the drive wheel clean i gain the last. 01 and now we are back to square.

Moral of the story. Don’t chase the measurement. Push tension wheel as far to the right and if still not square check all the wheels to ensure they are not only crack free but clean of all debris.

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Hi @Junapur! I am so sorry for our delayed response but I’m so glad to hear that you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!